ISMAI - Maia Institute of Higher Education, since its founding stage in 1990, has pursued the development of higher education training/formation for entrepreneurs, so as to aid in the development of the North in general as well as the metropolitan area of Porto in particular.

The development of ISMAI has been sustained on the basis of very qualified faculty with Doctorates, a large number of teachers in the process of advanced academic training/formation and a number of teachers with relevant professional experience. Moreover, it has pursued an active policy towards partnerships and protocols with businesses, local and national public entities, institutions with relevant intervention in the various operating areas and other entities of science and technology in the national educational system.

Conceived as an innovative project, ISMAI invested in a multi-phased construction of its facilities, located in the vicinity of the Industrial area of Maia. This development approach not only has allowed a gradual expansion of available courses, mainly techno-laboratorial, but it has also had continued and sustained growth in student numbers. ISMAI currently offers nineteen Graduate Courses with over 4,500 students enrolled, sixteen Master Courses (2nd Cycle) along with an annual training/formation programme.

ISMAI continually invests in developing and implementing conditions to support the teaching/learning process for instance: subscribing to the initiatives of B-on and Virtual Campus, installing computer and projection equipment in every lecture room not to mention providing an e-learning platform to partake in and manage content to support courses. In addition, the general availability of the educational community database, EBSCO, has become a fundamental tool towards achieving its objectives in the training/formation of 1st and 2nd Cycle Courses, especially in the area of Business Studies.

ISMAI has sought to become incessantly involved in innovative projects concerning local and regional development. In fact, ISMAI’s project involving the Department of Business Sciences, which refers to 2nd Cycle Degrees in Tourism, Heritage and Development in Tourism, functions not only through protocols but also through interventions in the areas of education, research and development.

Besides developing improved and more qualified teaching/learning processes, ISMAI has focused on being more and more invoved in the socio-economic environment, through its research units and centres, laboratories and services. Another relevant aspect of advanced and qualified training/formation might centre on ISMAI’s contribution to the capital of Tecmaia - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Maia, an important and one of a kind infrastructure in the north of the country. It encourages entrepreneurship among students, especially in the area of Information Technologies and Communication. ISMAI is also the founder of the MaiaInova Association whose mission is to promote innovation and development throughout the county of Maia, and this, among other activities, has brought about a TeleCentro in Tecmaia which aids business activities and/or ventures, and provides good job opportunities to interested students.

ISMAI - Instituto Superior da Maia