CEDTUR - Centro de Estudos de Desenvolvimento Turístico, involves diverse disciplinary researchers, whose approaches complement the analysis of the multidimensional tourist experience which focuses on the study of the interaction and dynamics of culture, heritage, identity and tourism. This centre acts upon four significant areas connected to synergy: research, more advanced and qualified training/formation, scientific publications and regional development.
By adopting an innovative approach to the analysis of the phenomenon of tourism, CEDTUR’s effort is organised according to three major research topics:
i) cultural heritage, landscape and heritage resources and tourist products;
ii) socio-cultural identities and development;
iii) cultural tourism and place branding;

Similar to the organisation of Jornadas Internacionais I e II de Turismo, CEDTUR is presently holding InterTUR 2010, 1st International Conference in Tourism in cooperation with CETRAD/ UTAD and once again it fulfills not only its mission as the promoter of discussion, exchange and debate but it is also considered to be the link of different areas of knowledge and multiple participants. Therefore, it welcomes all those interested in policies and strategies in and for Tourism, to enjoy and actively participate in this context of convergence.

Currently, in terms of the Portuguese Scientific and Technology System, researchers from CEDTUR are integrated in CETRAD - Centro de Estudos Transdisciplinares para o Desenvolvimento/UTAD, R&D unit 4011 of FCT, and continue research activity in conformity with studies regarding society, territory and resources carried out by the mentioned R&D unit.