CETRAD is integrated in UTAD - University of Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro. It was created by researchers from the Economics, Sociology and Management Department on May 2nd, 2002. It is an R&D unit in the field of Social Sciences. There are currently seventy-two researchers (forty-two Doctorates and thirty research assistants) and seventeen associate researchers, all of whom are Doctorates. Most members are from the Economics, Sociology and Management Department at CETRAD which has been characterised for being greatly diverse in terms of its academic background as well as its importance in anthropology, agricultural science, economics, management and sociology. However, it is essential to mention that in 2009 there was a substantial increase in members coming from other institutions, namely ISMAI and the University of Porto. The professional doctoral expertise of its researchers has helped narrow this diversity while maintaining a broad spectrum of interests, skills and R&D activities. It is this diversity that nourishes and sustains the transdisciplinary research regarding issues of territorial, social and business development, especially within the peripheral areas and this in turn defines the originality of CETRAD.


The key objectives of CETRAD are to:
encourage the transdisciplinary creation of consistent and innovative methodologies, and its application in addressing economic, social, business, regional and local issues;
promote highly qualified training/formation in the area of scientific development;
use know-how, creativity and skills at the service of the Community.

CETRAD - Centro de Estudos Transdiciplinares para o Desenvolvimento